Rural Studio: Progettare e costruire in West Alabama

Elena Barthel, graduated in Architecture in Florence, began working since 2008 at the Auburn University School of Architecture in West Alabama (USA), dealing in particular with the management of Rural Studio Farm. Rural Studio is an educational program of Auburn University that, from 1993, deals with ethical and sustainable design.

During the meeting we discussed the physical, social, economic and environmental dynamics that architectural and urban projects can generate. The spirit of Rural Studio aims at increasing the sensitivity of people and designers.

June 12th  2018


Programming Architecture

Milos Dimcic, architect, engineer and computer programmer, through the project  "Programming Architecture ", develops for years software and parametric applications for the resolution of problems related to free-form building, for the structural optimization and related to the construction of the work.

With his lecture  "A DfferenT kind F architecT ", Dimcic brought us into the world of programming and explained what its application in the architectural and engineering field means, through an overview on issues like automations, optimization and parametric design.


June 4th 2018


Comporre l'antico

The speech of Architect Markus Scherer was a soaking in the restoration world. The guest, in fact, is renowned in his field at international level, through nomination for important awards like Mies Van der Rohe Award.

April 16th 2018


A new way of looking at architecture

Kris Provoost and Wahyu Pratomo in 2014 launched their YouTube channel, #donotsettle, aiming to bring architecture onto this virtual platform. They both graduated in two of the best University of architecture in the world and worked for a few years in offices like ZHA or NACO, their current YouTube channel has more than 25.000 followers. Acropoli listened to their story, trips and passion told through their videos and in the end it could experience itself the practice of filming thanks to the activity organized at the neighborhood “Le Albere” by Renzo Piano.

March 22-23th  2018


L'invenzione del quotidiano

The Spanish duo Gravalos-Di Monte Arquitectos is known for the several projects of urban regeneration, temporary reuse of abandoned spaces and projects joined by the local population as new frontier of the contemporary architecture. The conference with the architect Gravalos, that started after the construction of an urban installation, represented the opportunity to share the strategies used in the urban regeneration field that find a solution to the problem of interstitial spaces, child of the intense building activity.

 June 1st 2017


L'equazione del dettaglio

The event organized for Monica Armani, architect and designer, was a great chance to look into the relationship between interior design and architecture. The guest explained the way she works through the exposition of some of her most famous pieces of furniture and architectures. In this way she could clearly show how a creative character like she is can range from the architecture work to a smaller piece of interior design.

May 24th 2017


Mettere in mostra. L'allestimento come

progetto di architettura

Acropoli got in touch with architect Filindeu thanks to the several exhibition layouts designed for the MART Museum in Rovereto, Italy. The conference with Gianni was a good opportunity to understand that the discipline of exhibition design is equally important as architecture itself, reinforcing indeed the eclectic role of the architect. Furthermore, the topic of public space derived from urban leftovers, central topic for our association, was clearly explained by the architect, after the studies he carried out on the subject throughout his career.

 May 03th 2017


Il BIM nella progettazione di sistemi infrastrutturali

SWS is a consultant and engineering firm that deals mostly with big infrastructural works. Even if it mainly seeks for civil engineers as new members of the team, in the recent times this company showed the interest in betting on the hybrid figure of the engineer-architect, since its ability in combining the more technical aspects of the project with the aesthetic part.

 April 05th 2017


Residenza, di difficoltà virtù

The architecture firm Pallaoro&Balzan started its activities in 1983 as a further step from the one existing from 1978 and it represents a valid proof of the dynamic transformations of design related to the territory of Trentino. The event was based on a collection of the projects made by the two architects, mainly located in local territory, and its conclusion was an interesting debate on the role of the architect in the region of Trentino, that captured both limits and potentials.


March 22nd 2017


Architetture 07-17

The activities of BBS range from urban planning to pure architecture and interior design and they take great pride in the idea that the role of an architect surely has to range from the scale of territory all the way to the detail design. We invited BBS to make them talk about their professional experience in the multiscale world of architecture. Experience the project in this case means having the knowledge of all its scales and the different facets it can have.

March 08th 2017


Strutture leggere: progettazione strutturale e tecnologica

Maffeis Engineering is a civil engineering company whose work field is mostly based on tensile structures. Meeting Maffeis Engineering was a chance to explore this sector through short theoretical lectures and practical examples. As many other events, the guest could find a crowded audience of young talented students of architecture and engineering from which they could find new members of their team, also thanks to the proximity of their head office.

March 1st 2017


Innovare per vivere: come trasformare un'idea in un business di successo

Thanks to the event organized by Acropoli, Vittorino Filippas could bring the topic of Business Planning inside the department of Engineering. On this occasion, the guest could illustrate, also through his professional experience, how to turn a simple idea into a successful activity.

February 17th 2017


L'illustrazione: comunicare attraverso le forme

Oscar Diodoro is one of the most talented creative minds in the field of illustration and graphic design. His nickname is ODD, that stands for Oscar Diodoro Designer, but it also refers to the English word, representing his “bizarre” soul. Applying the art of vector graphic everywhere, ODD could make his way in this field and his work were exposed in Rome, Milan, Verona, Treviso, Los Angeles and Paris. We invited him in order to talk about the central role that graphics has in the communication field and he could clearly explain what working as an illustrator means today.

May 24th 2017


Il progetto digitale. Nuove tecnologie per l'architettura

External Reference Architects represents a high-end architecture firm specialized in computational design combined with digital fabrication. This design approach is applied to high-end interiors for the retail and hospitality sector. Starting from the design of exhibitions stages, the firm has evolved into premium restaurant design, showing us how cutting-edge technology can achieve contemporary luxury with traditional materials.

January 19th  2017


Biennale Architettura 2016

The speech held by Chiara Rizzi, Associate Professor at the University of Trento, was a chance to introduce the main topics of the Biennale di Architettura di Venezia of 2016, “Reportin from the front”, where many students from the course of Building Engineering and Architecture would have participated, not only as visitors, but also as exhibitors.

November 21th 2016


La teoria in pratica

Campomarzio represents one of the youngest architecture firm in Italy. Some of them directly come from our same University course and, in this respect, they could explain how they moved from the academic world to the professional one.

November 08th 2016

Associazione Acropoli

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