Chiasma #812926|AgorHub

Design&Build Workshop

At its second iteration, Chiasma has again brought together young architects and designers in order to shape a new public space.

Working in direct proximity of the University Central Library (BUC) and the co-working space Impact Hub, the new public space installation is located in a strategic point of the city, favoring a cultural exchange between young entrepreneurs and university students.

cortile Impact Hub, Trento, Italy

17-23 settembre 2018

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In the months before the workshop, Acropoli developed a sort of cultural basis on which all the participants will set their work. We collected impressions and sensations of the people working at Impact Hub through interviews and activities accessible to the community of Trentino, the region of our city.


INTERACTHUB. The workshop was presented on the occasion of “Finestre Urbane” (Urban Frames), an event organized by Impact Hub itself. During that day, people were invited to play with the suggestion that Acropoli proposed in order to reinterpret this open space. People, in fact, left their impressions and wishes on how this court could be transformed.

The courtyard, a car park, has been reinterpreted working on the concept of the historical Roman circle,  creating a commemorative space, enriched with its missing functions.

The elements which define AgorHUB are three: the Circus big top, the Obelisk and the Wheelbarrow.

The Circus top is a central plan structure with eight sides and two different accesses. It’s a comfortable place where to relax and discuss with all the people living ImpactHUB. This is also possible thanks to a parachute that serves as roof for the internal space.

The obelisk is located on the opposite side of the yard. It is a strong landmark and it soars toward the blue sky with its 5 meters height. This creates a very intimate and protected atmosphere.

The wheelbarrows are mobile elements. They can be rotated and are able to take different configurations as seats or small tables.

Associazione Acropoli

Via Mesiano, 77, 38123 Trento, Italy