Design&Build workshop

The main target of Chiasma#812926 is the enhancement of the connection between Trento and “Le Albere” neighborhood, activating new dynamics between University and enterprises.

Impact Hub yard, Trento, Italy

Sept. 17th-23rd 2018

To see the outcomes of the first edition visit archdaily and divisare:


In the months before the workshop, Acropoli developed a sort of cultural basis on which all the participants will set their work. We collected impressions and sensations of the people working at Impact Hub through interviews and activities accessible to the community of Trentino, the region of our city.



The workshop was presented on the occasion of “Finestre Urbane” (Urban Frames), an event organized by Impact Hub itself. During that day, people were invited to play with the suggestion that Acropoli proposed in order to reinterpret this open space. People, in fact, left their impressions and wishes on how this court could be transformed.

April 7th 2018


The workshop will have an initial design phase. The participants, thanks to the help of specialized tutors, will develop a personal concept e then, in a second phase, the project itself on the basis of the information collected by Acropoli through the cultural project.


In the second phase, participants, still with the help of the tutors, will build the project that they designed with their own hands, using the materials and the tools provided for the workshop.

The entire process will be enriched by a few conferences held by the tutors and by guests invited just for the occasion.



Associazione Acropoli

Via Mesiano, 77, 38123 Trento, Italy