The first self-construction workshop by Acropoli was focused on the realization of a public space for social interaction of university students. The project was entirely developed in a week’s time, moving from the idea to the creation, adopting an intensive way of working.

Mesiano, Trento, Italy

Sept. 11th-18th 2017

Project published on “Avventure del Progetto” by G. Pino Scaglione, Rubbettino Editore, 2017

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The structure can be perceived like two complementary spaces: a seat that takes inspiration by the “chaise longue” and a multi-purpose space for interaction. Tall stools complete the entire work: multifunctional element that, if rotated, can be transformed in tables or armchairs.

The project was developed by students belonging to national and international universities and four nationalities represented the working team. This was a multicultural approach that encouraged the creation of a unique project in the Italian university panorama.

Itaca, the work realized, was also used as set for the filming of some videos of the duo of architects #DoNotSettle. We also organized with them an event that took place over two days and produced a video edited by the two architects and uploaded on their YouTube channel. To read the complete description of the event click here.

Associazione Acropoli

Via Mesiano, 77, 38123 Trento, Italy